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What Is Dock Line Chafe?

Dock line chafe occurs when dock lines repeatedly rub or scrape against other surfaces. Over time, this friction acts like a knife, weakening and cutting the fibers on the line.

What Causes Dock Line Chafe?

Dock line chafe is a problem at dock, at anchor, or on a mooring. Wind, tide, and currents will keep the boat in constant motion, leaving dock lines vulnerable to abrasion. Lines chafe when rubbing against a piling, over the edge of a dock, around a cleat, cap rail, where two lines cross, or at the anchor roller.

Who Should Worry About Dock Line Chafe?

Boaters who use dock lines to secure their boats should be concerned about problems with chafe. Chafing or fraying of boat dock lines, or mooring lines, can lead to loss of boat or expensive boat damage. Chafed dock lines are not only dangerous for overhead rigging but can also cause failure of dock lines, sending a boat adrift. Furthermore, dock lines are expensive to replace. 

How Can I Prevent Dock Line Chafe?

Chafing can be reduced by using chafing gear such as abrasion-resistant pads, leather, or rubber hose. Chafe Guards by Davis Instruments provide a protective surface that can withstand abrasion damage while protecting dock lines. Davis Chafe Guards are protective sheathes with tough, nylon outer covering. Chafe Guard inner surfaces are lined with hook and loop fasteners to grip the rope – no need for additional ties. They're easy to remove and adjust as lines stretch or chafe protection is needed elsewhere. 

Chafe Guards
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