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What Is An Outboard Motor Harness?

An outboard motor harness, or lifting strap, allows boaters to safely carry or hoist a heavy outboard motor or engine.  Outboard motors are self-contained, detachable engines used for small powerboats.   A motor harness allows convenient removal of the engine for cleaning, maintenance, and storage.

What are the benefits of an outboard motor harness?

Moving or transporting an outboard motor can be difficult.  Even small motors are bulky and awkward to carry, particularly when wet or oily. Outboard motor harnesses make outboard motors more manageable.

Davis Motor Caddy

The Davis Motor Caddy can remain installed on an outboard engine to provide a convenient lifting point when needed. The Motor Caddy provides a self-centering handle that works equally well for lifting motors by hand or with a lanyard or hoist. Motor Caddy includes a longer harness strap to fit four-stroke models. A shortened security strap provides extra protection when transporting streamlined engine cases.  A loop tensioner and adjustment buckle make the harness easy to customize to the shape and size of a variety of outboard motors. After adjusting the tension, the user simply snaps together the glass-filled nylon buckles to fasten the harness. 

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