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What Is A Fishing Lure Depth Planer?

A fishing lure depth planer is a device that attaches to a fishing line that submerges a fishing lure to a certain water depth. While trolling for fish, water pressure against the planer forces the planer down. When a fish strikes, the planer is flipped, and the balance is changed. The planer then produces a slight upward movement, which allows you to fight only your fish rather than the heavy drag created by the planer. 

How does a fishing lure depth planer work?

In general, the shape and angle of the diving lip or fin determines the depth at which the lure will dive. Anglers can achieve different depths by changing the angle of the diving lip or fin and by changing the trolling speed. Faster speeds create more resistance, causing the planer to dive deeper, while slower speeds result in shallower depths.  The Fish Seeker fishing lure depth planer from Davis Instruments includes a chart that makes it simple to choose the right setting and holes for the desired depth. Using snap swivels, anglers attach the rod line to one of the lettered holes at the front the Fish Seeker and the leader line to a numbered hole at the back. Once the specified amount of line is released, the Fish Seeker dives to the correct depth.  When a fish strikes, the Fish Seeker flips over and rises to the water surface.  

Fish Seeker

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