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Clearly, this gardener in Australia knows how to use his weather station (taking a supporting role on the far left).

Vantage Pro2 with 24-Hour Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield

Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station simplifies irrigation decisions.

Leaf moisture sensor tells you what your leaves would - if they could!

Soil moisture sensors tell you how deep and effective your irrigation is.

Davis Weather Stations For the Home Gardener

The Gardener's Dream Weather System:

Every gardener knows the importance of understanding weather's affect on flowers, lawns, fruits, and vegetables. From knowing when to plant, to when to water, to when to harvest, a savvy gardener will find the Vantage Pro2 one of his best advisors.

But which station and accessories do you need? While our basic Vantage Pro2 will provide plenty of information, including forecasts, rain history, and high and low temperatures, gardeners might find the added the features of the Vantage Pro2 Plus very useful in understanding evapotranspiration (ET)to judge time and amount of irrigation.

This feature is enhanced with WeatherLink for Irrigation Control, which allows you to turn your irrigation system on or off depending on the ET and rain values reported by your Vantage Pro2 Plus.

Another useful feature for gardeners is a radiation shield. The standard radiation shield, which is included with the Vantage Pro2 (6152) and Vantage Pro2 Plus (6162) protects the temperature and humidity sensors from solar radiation and reflected heat. For even better protection, especially when your station is located in full sun or in especially hot or humid locations, choose the Vantage Pro2 with 24-Hour Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield or Vantage Pro2 Plus with 24-Hour Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield. The radiation shields on these two models include a solar-powered fan with battery-backup which draws air through the sensor chambers.

Are you a really serious gardener? Then don't overlook our most sophisticated accessory: the Leaf and Soil Moisture/Temperature Station. This additional station lets you know exactly what's going on out in your garden. You can base irrigation on weather factors, but what about the quality of your soil? Is the water running off or soaking deep into the root area? Bury soil moisture sensors (up to four) at different locations and depths, and you'll know for sure. Leaf wetness sensors mimic a leaf surface - it's like being able to talk to your plants!

You can further customize this station by choosing either the Complete System, which comes with four soil moisture sensors and four temperature probes; or just get the model without sensors and add the sensors you need. Mix and match your sensors. Choose from Leaf Wetness Sensors (you can use up to two per station); Soil Moisture Sensors (up to four sensors per station); and Stainless Steel Temperature Probes(up to four per station).

That's not all. You could also add a wireless Temperature/Humidity Station, or just a wireless Temperature Station.

However you choose to set up your gardening weather system, you'll enjoy what growers have dreamt of since the first seed was planted in the first garden: knowing what Mother Nature has in store for your plants!