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A white dwarf star begins its life. (NASA image)

Vantage Pro2 Plus

WeatherLink software adds features not found on the console.

Joel Fetter's Vantage Pro is mounted on his observatory.

Davis Weather Stations For the Amateur Astronomer

The Amateur Astronomer's Dream Weather System:

There are definitely stars up there, but on a cloudy, rainy, hazy night, we might not be able to see them! Astronomers know better than anyone how a long-awaited celestial event can be spoiled by events happening much closer to home - right in our own atmosphere. You can risk depending on the local news forecasts, but no observatory is really complete without a weather station that tells you what is going on right in your own back yard.

Which station and accessories do you need? While our basic Vantage Pro2 will provide plenty of information, including forecasts, rain history, and high and low temperatures, astronomy buffs might enjoy the added the features of the Vantage Pro2 Plus which tell you just how much UV and solar radiation our own star is bathing us with.

The console of either Vantage Pro2 system will tell you sunset and sunrise times as well as lunar cycle. And the ticker-tape forecast can let you know about the likelihood of rain and thick cloud cover spoiling your evening viewing.

Add WeatherLink, to use your computer to track weather events as well as such goodies as astronomical twilight. Sharing your data with other star-gazers is also simplified.

You can mount your station atop your observatory, but if that is still in the planning stages, consider the simple option of our Mounting Tripod.

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